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Side Effects (Corrective Therapy Device)

Shocking Sensation

The 2 likely causes of a shocking sensation are:1. The pad can come loose during treatment, especially when moving around. We recommend sitting or lying down on your stomach if this is the case.If the pad is not fully adhered to the skin, It can caus


Skin irritation and skin burns are possible with electrical stimulation. It is common to observe a slight reddening of the skin under the electrodes after applying NMES because of the increased blood supply to the area. Mild skin irritation is someti


We would recommend discontinuing use and allow the area to heal. We would also recommend consulting with your doctor.


We recommend to discontinue use of the device and the exercises. There are many possible causes for the dizziness. Example: Getting up from lying down during the treatment or exercises can cause dizziness. Consulting with a doctor is recommended to r

Erratic Stimulation or Sharp Pulses

Please ensure the device is charged and fully attached to the electrode pad. Erratic or sharp pulses are due to the electrode making inadequate contact with the skin. Ensure the electrode pad has been properly maintained and is in good condition. The

Can your device electrocute a person if it malfunctions?

A standby current of 85 microamperes (uA) is not enough to electrocute a person. Electrocution occurs when a significantly higher amount of current disrupts the normal electrical signals in your heart and muscles, causing them to malfunction. For ref