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Shocking SensationUpdated 2 years ago

The 2 likely causes of a shocking sensation are:

1. The pad can come loose during treatment, especially when moving around. We recommend sitting or lying down on your stomach if this is the case.

If the pad is not fully adhered to the skin, It can cause a shocking sensation or no stimulation. The device's safety switch will engage after 2 minutes and the device will be shut down with the remote resetting to 00. Our troubleshooting video goes into more depth here:

2. The electrode pad needs to be replaced. The electrodes will last approximately 25-30 applications.

Other factors that affect the longevity of the electrodes are your skin type, oils, pH levels, and the environment they are stored.

If the pads need to be replaced, the stimulation can become uncomfortable causing a shocking sensation or there will be no delivery of stimulation. 

If your pads are less sticky/adhesive than they used to be, it may be because they are dirty or need replacement.

Be sure you are using a wet towel or a washcloth to clean them.
Usually, just a few droplets of water can help bring back the adhesiveness.
Just be aware not to over saturate them and wait for them to dry before using again.
This will definitely help you get the maximum uses out of the gel pads.

Can you please confirm:

Are you moving around with the device on?
Is the electrode pad fully adhered to the skin throughout the treatment?
What intensity level is being used?
Have you tried using a new electrode pad?

It sounds like after several uses the electrode pad is coming loose and causing this issue.

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