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Troubleshooting (Corrective Therapy Device)

General Troubleshooting

Let’s first troubleshoot the device on the leg above the knee. 1. Ensure the treatment area is clean and void of any lotions, oils, etc... 2. Ensure the device is fully connected to the electrode gel pad. *Try a new electrode pad for testing.*. 3. Tu

Device or Remote Won't Charge

*First please see the How to Charge Instructions Above*. Step 1.  Disconnect and reconnect the charging cable in the device/remote and plug it back in your power source. Step 2. If it does not work, switch to another charge port/wall plug. Step 3. Tr

Device & Remote Won't Connect

*First, please ensure both the device and remote are turned on. Then see our How To Connect The Device & Remote section above. NOTE: If you are having difficulty connecting, please try inverse powering by first turning on the remote and then powering