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General TroubleshootingUpdated a year ago

Let’s first troubleshoot the device on the leg above the knee.

1. Ensure the treatment area is clean and void of any lotions, oils, etc...

2. Ensure the device is fully connected to the electrode gel pad.

*Try a new electrode pad for testing.*

3. Turn on the device and remote. A small connection symbol on the right side of the remote screen will illuminate.

4. Sit down and apply the electrode pad/device 1-3 inches above the Knee. Ensure it is fully adhered to the skin.

5. Begin increasing intensity on the remote. You will feel a sensation as you continue to increase the Intensity.

6. The device will contract the muscles for 4 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds.

Not feeling stimulation: Switch to another electrode and try Increasing intensity manually on the device (+ button on the right side of the device) when it is above the knee.

Remote resets to 00 when increasing intensity: Switch to another electrode, ensure it is fully adhered to the skin and try again.

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