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Troubleshooting (WBCTD)

Display lights off (WBCTD)

Possible Cause(s)Solution(s)Backlight energy saving functionHit any button to wake upLow batteryCharge the device

Intermittent output (WBCTD)

Possible CauseSolutionIntermittent program is in useThis is expected. Some programs will seem intermittent.

Weak stimulation; cannot feel stimulation (WBCTD)

Possible Cause(s)Solution(s)Electrodes dried out, lost the adhesiveness; thus have no adequate connection with the skinReplace with new electrodeIntensity too lowReadjust the intensity to a comfortable or tolerable levelPoor electrode contactMake sur

Stimulation weakens when starting treatment (WBCTD)

Possible CauseSolutionThis is a normal adaptive body process.Increase the intensity if neces

Uncomfortable stimulation (WBCTD)

Possible Cause(s)Solution(s)Intensity is too highDecrease intensityAged or worn electrodesReplace with new electrodesIncorrect program being selectedRefer to the program description; contact healthcare provider if discomfort persists

Ineffective stimulation (WBCTD)

Possible Cause(s)Solution(s)Improper electrode placementReposition electrodesImproper intensity controlReadjust the intensity to a comfortable or tolerable level by

Stimulation is not producing the usual sensation (WBCTD)

Possible CauseSolutionSettings and electrodes positioningCheck that all the settings are correct and ensure the electrodes are positioned properly; change the position of the electrodes slightly

Electrode failure (WBCTD)

Possible Cause(s)Solution(s)Poor electrode connection with the deviceCheck if the electrodes are connected properlyPoor electrode connection with the skinCheck if the electrodes are worn out or the contact is poor; try with new electrodes

Device battery low (WBCTD)

Possible CauseSolutionThe device lasts shorter than expected and low battery appears frequently due to depleted batteryThe stimulation should be stopped and the device should be recharged.

Pod not connecting to the remote (WBCTD)

If any of the pods would not appear as connected on the remote screen then the steps below should help fix the issue by pairing it thru the Engineering Mode of the device. 1. Hold the MENU button on the remote UNTIL you see the screen below. (DO NOT