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The Classic Insole

How often should I wear them?

We suggest wearing them every day, at least at first. This way, they’ll have time to mold to your feet and deliver the full benefits of proper arch support. Some people may experience an initial break-in period with minor discomfort – that’s complete

How long do they take to break in?

In general, your insoles should be broken in after about 10 hours of walking with them (or 30 miles – whichever comes first!)

Should I move them between shoes?

We strongly suggest keeping your insoles in the same pair of shoes. The insoles will mold to the shape of your feet based on the way you walk in a specific pair of shoes, so regularly moving them between shoes won’t provide optimal support and may im

How long do they last?

Fulton insoles are quite durable, and will last about as long as a pair of shoes. We recommend replacing your Fulton insoles when you replace your shoes.

Can I run in Fulton insoles?

Yes! But we recommend that you break them in first by walking on them, to give your body and the insole time to adjust—especially if you’ve never worn supportive insoles before.

What if I feel pain when wearing insoles?

Sometimes the body takes time to adjust to arch support, especially while you break in your insoles. It’s not unusual to feel slight discomfort for the first walk or two, until the insoles fully break in. If your pain is severe or persists, please ta

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