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Areas of Device Usage (Corrective Therapy Device)

Where to Attach the Device

Neck / Cervical Spine

We do not recommend use on the front of neck because contraction of the neck muscles may cause difficulty swallowing. The device can be used on the back of the neck and on the trapezius muscles. Please start with a low intensity level as the small ne

Knee / Hip Pain

While the NeuroMD device does not cure knee/hip pain, it can help alleviate the pain. As always, we recommend consulting with your physician before starting any exercise or treatment program. The way the NeuroMD device works is that it stimulates the

Implants / Hardware

If you have been cleared to use other electrical stimulation devices, you should be cleared to also use NeuroMD. We do not recommend using the NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device over any metallic implants.Here is a Clinical Study that discusses the sa

Psoas Muscle

Yes. It does help with Psoas Muscle. It will target deep into the muscle.