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Spinal Cord InjuryUpdated 2 years ago

A 2017 study in the National Insitute of Health concluded: "There is some suggestion that NMES increases voluntary strength in partially paralyzed muscle following SCI. However, there is no strong evidence to affirm the superiority of NMES over other treatment strategies used to gain strength in partially paralyzed muscles after SCI. These findings need replicating in large high-quality randomized controlled trials."

A program of exercise and/or physical therapy will help increase pain-free movement, and improve flexibility and muscle strength. The purpose of the NeuroMD device is to help alleviate chronic back pain by strengthening muscle; the muscle is strengthened through electrical stimulation which targets motor neurons. NeuroMD's device and protocol can help to keep your back and abdominal muscles strong,which can help support the lower back.

NOTE: NeuroMD's device does not claim to cure Spinal Cord Injuries.

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