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Offline Control (WBCTD)

Yes, you can use the pods without the remote. However, using the remote is still the preferred option. Just follow the directions below:. NOTE: The last mode you selected or used on your last treatment will be the one used as default.

Quick Start Guide (WBCTD)

1. Charge the device and the remote. It is recommended to fully charge the device and the remote (usually takes 1-2 hours) before using them for the first time. 2. Prepare the treatment area. Trim (do not shave) excessive hair on the preferred treatm

How to charge the pod(s) and the remote? (WBCTD)

1. Connect the USB Type C charging cable to the USB port of the device. 2. Connect the USB Type A end of the cable to a dependable 5V USB charger (such as a laptop or mobile phone charger). 3. The battery symbol on the remote will recirculate from 1

Electrode placement suggestions (WBCTD)

Here are some suggestions on the placement of electrodes (pads):. Low back. Shoulder. Waist. Elbow & Upper Arm. Forearm. Thigh. Knee. Calf.