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Usage & TipsUpdated 2 years ago

1. The backlit screen on the remote shuts off after 5 seconds. The device and remote are still on. To illuminate the screen light again, simply press the + or - button. If the device/remote are on, pressing the power button will shut off the device and remote. (This auto-dim feature enhances the lifespan of the battery) 

2. Always press the power button on BOTH the remote and the device. The remote will not power on the device; however, will turn it off. When both the remote and device are on, the remote will display the connection symbol.

3. Only use the double ended charging cable to charge the remote and device. (Charge for approximately 1 hour)

4. Based on Clinical Trial Results, do the stretches in the eBook after each Corrective Therapy Session.

5. Gradually increase intensity to as high as you can tolerate comfortably. There are 30 levels of intensity. Similiar to exercising you may feel mild muscle soreness after the first few sessions.

6. Make sure the pad is fully adhered to the skin. You will feel the muscles in your back contracting for 4 seconds & then relaxing for 10 seconds. These parameters have shown optimal results.


Device can be operated without the remote.

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