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Spinal Decompression TablesUpdated 2 years ago

We are unable to advise on specific health conditions and recommend consulting with your doctor.

However, NeuroMD is unique as it works for the majority of people because it improves musculoskeletal function and health. By healing damaged tissues, reducing inflammation, and strengthening spinal stabilizing muscles, pain will diminish.

If you are cleared to strengthen your core muscles, I do think that the improvements in muscle strength from the NeuroMD device and exercises would be very beneficial.

We have customers that use spinal decompression tables along with the NeuroMD device. You would be getting strengthened from the NeuroMD program and device, with additional stretching from the spinal decompression.

The NeuroMD device can be used on other areas however, we do not recommend use on the front of the neck, across the chest, or on the head.

The device will improve musculoskeletal health and function on the area it is applied. For example, if you are having muscle spasms in your mid back you would apply the device in that area. Pad placement as well as Intensity level tolerance varies from person to person. 

We recommend following our guidelines in the user guide and doing what feels best for you.

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