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Refer A FriendUpdated 2 years ago

Earn When You Give
Share the love to your friends and families by giving them a $20 discount on their first purchase. As a courtesy, we'll also give you $20 as a token of gratitude.

How to Join
1. Click on the link to proceed.

2. Click on the blue Refer A Friend button.

3. Enter your name, email  address and click on the Share the Love button.

4. You'll have different options on how you can share this good news to the ones who can benefit from this. Cheers! :)

If a referral purchases from our site then you'll receive a discount code via email. No login is required. You can use that code on your next purchase. To start referring, just click on the link below:

Rewards points and referral discounts can't be used on the same purchase.
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