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5 Helpful Tips (V2 Device)Updated a year ago

1. Always turn on the device first and then turn on the remote. (The remote will only turn on after the device is on and the light on the remote will only illuminate when adjusting intensity. To test if remote is on/connected with the device, simply push the "minus" button on the remote. If the yellow light on remote illuminates, its on and ready for use.)

2. Upon receiving the device, charge it for 2-3 hours.

3. Based on Clinical Trial Results, do the stretches in the eBook AFTER each Corrective Therapy Session. (We sent the eBook in the previous email)

4. Gradually increase intensity to as high as you can tolerate comfortably. There are 30 levels of intensity. Similiar to exercising you may feel mild muscle soreness after the first few sessions.

5. Make sure the pad is fully adhered to the skin. You will feel the muscles in your back contracting for 4 seconds & then relaxing for 10 seconds. These parameters have shown optimal results.


Device can be operated without the remote.

Remote uses a cr2032 coin battery. (available at local stores: cvs, walgreens, walmart, etc...)


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